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Kiyoshi Tanikawa

三代目桶結師 Craft man(谷川木工芸)

介護職のサラリーマンを経て、2017年 3代目となる。2代目の父、雅則さんからは、これから生活できるかどうかわからないからと継ぐことを反対されたが転身を決意。その年に讃岐桶樽の技術、特性を活かした持ち運べて、レンジでそのまま温めることのできるおひつ「讃岐弁シリーズ」の開発や、デザイナーや企業とのコラボによる桶樽の技術を活かしたプロダクト制作など、現在のライフスタイルに寄り添える讃岐桶樽をと日々奮闘中。

After working as a caregiver, he became a craft man, the third generation in Tanikawa Mokkougei, a craft company of the Japanese basin called Sanuki Oke in Kagawa 2017. His father, Masanori Tanikawa, the second generation, disagreed that his son become the third because the Oke market is getting smaller due to the changing lifestyle. Despite his father's opinion, Kiyoshi Tanikawa decided to become the third. He invented a new Oke in which you can warm food with a microwave oven the same year, named the Sanuk-ben (Sanuki lunch box). In addition, by collaborating with designers and other companies, he is creating new products using his technical skills for Oke and struggling with the new Sanuki Oke, which matches our current lifestyle.


Kiyoshi Tanikawa
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